In Memory of Trunk
07/27/2002 - 02/14/2009
In his favorite spot, with his favorite
ball, we remember Trunk's love of life
and casual joy
Long before we are ready we find ourselves saying good-bye to Trunk.  We sadly miss our
champion foundation stud.

This big statuesque blue dog embraced life, turned heads in the show ring and made lifelong
friends with his warm and gentle way.  Friend to adults and children and to all of the animal
world, his beauty was within his heart as he stood a testement to the very dignity, grace and
elegance that is inherent in this breed.

A true gentleman and showman he easily performed against his peers and gained success not
only as a representative of the breed in the conformation ring, but as a producer of quality
offspring as well.  

Trunk was born here at DeWitt's Court, happily lived his life here and it was here that I said my
final good-bye to my big blue boy with a sad and heavy heart.  I have many warm and loving
memories of Trunk as a puppy, as a young dog, as a shining star in the show ring, as an
experienced stud, and most of all as a quiet gentle giant by my side.

Today I know he is whole again, laying in the flowers with a big stuffed ball just waiting for
someone to play with.

I hope you'll visit Trunk's pages and share with me the memories of his life.
I would like at this time to express my heartfelt thanks to Cathy and Mike Mundt for thier unwavering loyalty to Trunk
during his struggle to overcome an overwhelming disability after an accident in our yard at play.  They were always there
to help getting back and forth to doctors, carrying him in and out to potty and get sunshine and fresh air, coming by daily
to attend to his needs and see he was comfortable while I was at work.  I have no better way to express my gratitude
than to include them here in this memorial.  Trunk and I were able to bear his hardship and disability much easier because
of thier dedication.  I know they miss the big blue boy of DeWitt's Court as I do.....
Trunk finishes his championship at the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) shows.