You are not alone, I am here with you, though your far away, I am here to stay...but you are not alone, I am here
with you, though we're far apart, your always in my heart.....M. Jackson
Saying Good-Bye to Sallie

Am/Can/Int. Ch. DeWitt's Court A
League of Her Own

January 2, 2002 - December 3, 2008  
When Leigh first talked me into owning a Great Dane, I had no idea of the depth of loving and the tragedy of loss that came with that
responsibility.  By the time I realized how deeply a Great Dane gets into ones life I was patiently waiting to deliver my first litter, from my
great girl, Penny.  Together we prayed for healthy puppies, a healthy mom, and one pretty little girl....our prayers were answered when Penny
delivered a beautiful litter of 9 healthy black puppies and proceeded to mother them like she was born for it.  With a litter of 8 boys and 1 girl,
we were blessed with one pretty little girl in Sallie.  Sallie lived her life true to her birthright, happy and healthy and always one pretty
girl...We showed together for over 3 years and then she delivered her one and only litter passing on her legacy by delivering 7 boys and one
pretty little girl in her litter, NormaJean... Life was all we needed or wanted and then a deadly disease called Cancer came to visit Sallie.  Bone
Cancer created a tumor in her front leg and as it grew, drained her life from her.  In my saddest day I said good-bye to the puppy I had prayed
for when her mother was pregnant and ended a love affair of almost 8 years with a wonderful, happy, elegant and pretty little girl.  Her life and
her memory are held closely in my heart...she is never far away.