APRIL 23, 1999 - APRIL 23, 2006
How do I say good bye to my friend.  How do I tell her that I have loved every minute of life I have shared with her and the last thing I want to do at this moment is say good bye.  How do
I tell her that and then ask the doctor to start the injection that will take her life from me knowing I will never share another minute of life with her.... yet I do just that, not because I
want to, but because I know in my heart it is the one thing I can do for my beloved Penny to end her suffering, take the pain from her body and her eyes, and give her peace.  Somehow,
as I look into her eyes moments before her life ends, I know she understands and is ready for death and the peace it will bring.   I share this quiet moment with her as I have shared many
moments with her and I know there is no greater love than the love I share with my best girl at this last moment of her life... Yesterday I played with her and today I tell her good bye...
farewell dear Penny, until we meet again....
Penny's life ended because of the side effects of a sulfer medication known as SMZ-TMP which was given to her by a veterinarian for a urinary tract infection.  Penny had never had an allergic reaction to any
antibiotic, so when this antibiotic was prescribed for her UTI, I proceeded to give her each dose as directed.  After 2-1/2 weeks on the antiobiotic Penny began to bleed internally, a side effect of this medication,
and before I knew the symptoms and what they meant and how seriously she was affected, it was to late, the red blood cell and blood platelate count was so low Penny was unable to recover.... afflicted with
immune mediated thrombocytopenia and immune mediated hemolitic anemia, Penny was in extreme pain, paralysis in her hind quarters and blindness all caused by internal bleeding.... quietly and
peacefully I took her pain away.
Below are some pictures of Penny, with me, with Leigh, with her babies; and with her daughters, Sallie and Kate, who shared her life.
The memory of one of my greatest friends......