Multi Euro Ch. Festus von  Himmelkron x Multi Euro Ch. Bobbala von der Fraenkischen Schweiz
Born in Germany on January 30, 2004
Breeder Karin Gewinner
Co-owned by Leigh DeWitt and Teresa LaBrie
On Monday, April 5, 2004, I was surprised with a gift from
Germany.  Thanks to the planning of my Mom and friends Solvi
Nordin and Teresa LaBrie this pretty blue girl has come to live in our
home and our hearts.  We hope one day that her wonderful European
blood lines will make a contribution to the gene pool through her
puppies.  She has added new life in our home and new love in our
hearts... We thank her breeder, Karin, for trusting us with her care.
OTTIE (pron OhTee) at 9 weeks
Ottie's Dad, "Festus"
Ottie's Mom, "Bobbala"
Angels when they
Ottie at 5 months
Ottie at 7 months...tries to be a show dog!
Ottie at 10 months
Ottie at 2-1/2 years