Farewell Diego
Ch. DeWitt's Court Don Diego Dela Vega
Am/Can/Int Ch DeWitt's Court Blue Print, NA-AOM x Am/Can/Int Ch. DeWitt's Court A League Of Her Own
All rights reserved.
Diego was owned and loved dearly by Cathy and Mike Mundt. The dog of
Cathy's dreams, Diego was her constant companion and the bond between them
was deep and strong.  
We often pray for long life and happiness for those we love deeply, and in
Cathy's case her prayers for Diego fell short.  Cathy cared for Diego with all
her heart and prayed for more time each day, but cancer has a mind of its own
and with Diego, the days grew short.  
Saying good-bye is never easy, the empty space is filled with sorrow and
memories often bring tears.
Diego will be remembered for his wonderful presence in life, his kindness and his
beauty, and for the children who now live his legacy....Farewell good friend..