This is me (Leigh DeWitt) and Marie.  Marie is a Neopolitan Mastiff who we rescued. She recovered from severe demodectic mange as much as she ever will and
became our mascot and kennel if Great Danes need a supervisor....Marie lived in peace and comfort for the remainder of her life.  She passed away
at 8+ years of age.
Thank you for stopping by.  We hope you enjoyed our web site. A Great Dane is a wonderful dog,
they make great pets, are good with children, easy to train and most of all love to be with their
family.  We breed and show our Danes, but they are also treated as part of our family.  We love our
dogs and enjoy their character and we share a great bond with them.  We feel we have been blessed
with some beautiful puppies that we have placed in homes for pet and for show.  We take care in
placing puppies and look forward to hearing about their growth and comfort with their family.  If you
are considering a new dog and are unsure of what is involved in the care of a Great Dane, please
contact us and we will try to help you understand this rewarding breed.  They are truly gentle giants
and we maintain that anyone who experiences a Great Dane will be convinced that their presence in a
home completes the family unit like no other pet.  Once again, please contact us at Stop by and browse anytime....Leigh Dewitt & Carla Rotunda
Before you leave us enjoy some pictures of  Marie below....
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We are sad to announce the passing of our Chairman, Marie.  She was a unique
individual and taught us a lot about caring, responsibility and dedication.  We will
miss her and be ever indebted to her for her unique and special ways and for the
lessons she taught us about life.  May she rest in peace.