A few months before completing his AKC Ch and the Nordin family relocated back to Italy, our Penny was bred to Solvi's Oscar and the litter
was born.  12 all black puppies I affectionately called "the dirty dozen".  Kate was chosen as the pick girl show puppy.  While she was growing
up we took Kate to a show for socializing, and a young handler, Dan Palantino, approached us to take a look at her.  He was so impressed he
offered to handle her in the show ring... And so the story of Kate and her prince charming began.  Dan was true to his word and, in their first
appearance together, Kate went WB, BOW, for a 3pt. major in Baltimore, MD under Judge Linda Krukar and 2 weeks later their winning
combination gave Kate a 5 pt. major  taking WB and BOW under Judge Judith Goodin at the Connecticut River Working Dog Group Specialty
in Springfield, Mass..  They worked like a team in the ring, with Kate easily following Dan's steady guidance.  By September Kate had earned
her AKC Championship.  We are proud of our pretty black girl and her accomplishments and thank Dan for his unconditional belief in Kate
as he guided her through her points and to her championship.  Dan's feelings for our black girl were apparent whenever they stepped foot in
the ring together.  

Retired from showing, Kate produced 2 litters of beautiful blue and black puppies. When she became a veteran, her handler, Dan, took the
lead and the pair headed back into the ring to compete in Veterans.  Kate's true show attitude and her love for her handler sparked her return
with exceptional performances.  Kate will always be remembered for her tenacity, her show attitude and her wonderful movement.
5pt. maj. Ct. River Working Dog Grp. Specialty
Kate with her handler Dan Palantino
Judge Judith Goodin-May, 2005
WB & BOW - 2 pts.
Kate handled by my Mom in Fredericksburg, Va
Judge Karin Ashe
Kate is owned by my Mom and I and co-owned by Solvi Nordin and Dan Palantino.
Thank you Solvi and Dan for your belief in our girl and your continued support and help in her life.
WB,BOW,BOS - 1pt.
Ladies Kennel Assoc. of America
Judge Luis Payro
2 pts. in Bainbridge, NY, July, 05
Dan handled Kate in the ring and Leigh stood in for
the picure due to a scheduling conflict
Newton KC, Augsta, NJ, Sept 5, 2005, Judge Karin Ashe
WB/BOW - 1 pt. - TO FINISH
Kate and handler Dan Palantino winning a 3 pt.major
their first time in the ring together
Judge Linda Krukar, Baltimore, Md., April, 2005
Penn Ridge KC, Harrisburg, Pa,
Judge Mrs Audrey Lycan
WB/BOS -1pt
OFA Hips:  Good
CERF: Normal
OFA Heart: Normal
OFA Thyroid: pending
Portrait of a Champion
Kate and Dan got together at the Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania Specialty,
Erwinna, Pa, May 8, 2010.  Showing as a Veteran at 7-1/2 this was the first
time in 5 years that Kate and Dan walked into a show ring.  It was a wonderful
step back in time to see them together again...
Kate and her handler/co-owner, Dan Palantino,  
1st 6-8 Veteran's class.
Sunday, October 10, 2010
Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania
Judge Norvell Alexander Benoit
of Pennsylvania, fall 2010...Alice get 5pt major,
Kate best Veteran. Judge Norvel Benoit.