September 5, 1991 - April 14, 2003
In late 1991, my husband, Brent, and I asked my mom to take a ride to Binghamton, NY to look at a
Great Dane puppy.  "If she isn't pretty," we told my mom, "we are not buying her..."
Later that day we arrived home with Jester in our arms...she had already crawled into our hearts.  
Little did we know that DeWitt's Court Great Danes was born that day.
Jester didn't turn out to be the most beautiful show dog in the world, but when we bought her we
didn't know a thing about the breed or showing.  We only wanted a pet..  ï¿¿
We do, however, credit Jester with the foundation of a line of harlequin Great Danes we are proud
of.  Not only did she produce better than herself, but by living to the ripe old age of 12, she
confirmed that Great Danes can live long lives.
Always the mom and grandma to the puppies at our kennel, Jester was happy and loving and
enjoyed all the youngsters.
We will never forget our first Great Dane, her personality and temperment and her presence in our
lives that began our life long love for this majestic giant breed.
She may be gone from our lives, but she will always be in our hearts.