Our Sweet Alice Blue Gown
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Alice entered this world with all the joy and tenacity that a young girl could..Since I began this journey into Great Danes, I always dreamed of
a blue girl named "Alice Blue Gown" and finally she was here...so ready for the world and all it held for her and so willing to bear the name
"Alice"...She showed her bold and showy personality from the time she was a little puppy, always a standout among her siblings, always willing to
pose....When she was old enough she went to live in New Hampshire with co-owner Kim Sias-Lombardi and hubby, Larry, and boldy called for all
their attention...but she was one of the few who never forgot her "grammy".... Through Kim and Larry's love and dedication, Alice achieved all
she was capable of and more, becoming DeWitt's Court's first Grand Champion, and the first natural eared blue bitch Great Dane to be so
accomplished.  She was a showgirl in her heart, always willing, always ready to show her beauty, to strike a pose, or to move around the ring
like a true show dog and champion.  
 We are not often blessed with perfection in our lives, but Alice gave all of us her perfect heart, her perfect class, her perfect style, and won
the hearts and adoration of all who came into her world.  When we live in the life of such expectation and success, we don't stop to think of
sadness, loss and despair until one day it comes to visit us, to sadden our hearts and take from us that which gave us such joy and hope, and so
very much love.  
 Alice is no longer with us in our world today, but her spirit lives with us in our hearts.  Alice's life and her wonderful accomplishments are
thrust into our memories full of her and the wonderful life she gave us, for all time...
With deep sadness we say good-bye to "Alice Blue Gown" the wonderful blue girl who gave us so much life to cherish and remember...
GCH DeWitt's Court Alice Blue Gown, "Alice"
Alice's 1st major win in 2010..pictured with her
handler, Dan, and her mother, Kate, who won
veteran's this day,  shown with grammy.....
Baby Alice....born to pose!
Alice smooches with her best guy....
Alice shows her true beauty....
"Aleese"...and her great love...Larry..
Alice becomes the first natural eared Great Dane bitch to achieve an AKC Grand Championship in Trenton, NJ, May, 2012.
Alice in the show ring with me, grammy!
Alice and Kim share the spotlight!